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I'm hoping to sell some items online in Japan. specifically ebooks/information and other goods. Which payment service is most comfortable for Japanese people?

Paypal for Japan is in English. I couldn't find the equivalent of Clickbank or Commision Junction in Japanese. I've done some research on Google but haven't come up with anything acceptable. How do Japanese people pay for goods and online services? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Bank transfer. Credit cards are still not all that common and payments for almost all on-line purchases are made off-line (bank transfer, postal transfer, convenience store, etc.).

Are you in Japan? If so bank transfer would be the way to go. If not, you may find the market size of people in Japan who are willing to make an on-line purchase with a credit card disappointingly small. If you are outside of Japan some kind of credit card payment system is the only way to go as international bank transfers from Japan are like $40 a pop for the sender.

Yahoo auctions has a credit card payment system that you might want to look in to, but I don't know anyone who has used it.
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Thanks for the tips, mexican. I appreciate the help.
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