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I have a collection of avi and mpg video files, and I'd like to add a "table of contents" or "table of scenes" to individual and collections of these files, a bit like a DVD menu. What software could I use (Windows only)?

I've recorded a few movies at my massage school, for example, and I'd like to create a table of contents to these movies so I can use them for review. They are much smaller than DVDs, so I'm not inclined to just burn them to DVD and create menus for them using Nero or whatever.

Cost isn't an issue, but I'm not keen on media-player based solutions, for example, using winamp and the amarok plugin (which creates bookmarks inside individual tracks).

The table of contents *must* be text-based, though having images there as well would be a bonus.
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I think the easiest way to do this would be an html page with links to the AVI/MPG files. You could have any format you want, text, images, moving images, etc. The disadvantage would be that it would only allow you to link to files, not scenes within the files.
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How about "Media Companion"? I mainly use it for my (ripped to .iso) dvd collection, but there's no reason it shouldn't work with regular movie files as well.

from their site: "Media Companion is a program created for people who keep large collections of media and wish to catalogue and organise it. ... the program also allows the user to edit all information ...."
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Response by poster: @CharlesV42: Yep, I'd thought of that. I'd rather link to locations or times within the files, not just to the files themselves. Yes, I could chop the files up, but don't have the time to do so at present.

@alchemist: the program's author is re-writing it, and it is not available for download. It's not clear if you can bookmark locations INSIDE a media file though.
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