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On the White House's YouTube channel, the content area is pushed down to make room for a graphic at the top. How do they do that? I know how to add a background image, but I'm not sure how to push the content or player window down to get out of the way.
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I know they do the same for their YouTube EDU channels...I set one up for the university where I work and our graphic is big across the top like the White House. Not sure it's available on individual accounts.
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There are several special kinds of YouTube channels only available under particular circumstances. The Partner Channel is reasonably available, another form that's never even described is a paid channel. The latter has special options including custom HTML or Flash content on the page. Be prepared to pay a lot of money to have one. Ask your Google office.

The partner channel page currently seems to be offline. Here's an overview of links, currently not linking to it.
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One of the examples in the partnerships showcase is this - is that what you're trying to achieve?
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via the Partnership FAQ:
To become a YouTube Partner, you must meet these minimum requirements:
  • You create original videos suitable for online streaming.
  • You own or have express permission to use and monetize all audio and video content that you upload—no exceptions.
  • You regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users, or you publish popular or commercially successful videos in other ways (such as DVDs sold online).

    via the Partnership Benefits page:
  • Protect the integrity of your brand with branded channel options available only to partners.

  • You may remember when Nintendo's Wii channel looked like this. A little more than just branding, but a good idea of what 'branded channel options' and a little extra can get you.
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