Looking for office art
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Does anyone have any suggestions for interesting techie office art?

Our new office has a hallway that could really use some color. It's a IT dept so bonus points for old computer posters or tech related stuff, but we do need to mix it up a bit. (we already have a couple of the old Groening Apple posters elsewhere, but that kind of thing might be good)
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If you think management will either not see it or, conversely, has a sense of humor, anything from Despair.com would do.
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I have one of these (pdf link) on my wall.
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what kind of techie? From thinkgeek you can get the Brilliant Earth (at night) Poster and the Internet World Poster, if that strikes your fancy. There was a much neater looking internet poster map a few years back, can't find it now. :/
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Pricey, but oh so cool.
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If you've found an image somewhere, but its not big enough, Rasterbator might come in handy for a big/long hallway. You could print it on colored paper too.
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You are surrounded by tech. Why not go for some traditional art, like French impressionism or something? It calms the soul and pleases the eye better than techy stuff.
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I have these in my office. They're beautiful.
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If you do development work big ERD's or UML charts can look cool and show management how hard the development team is working.
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