where can I find the worst examples of coporate design
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Where can I find some archetypal examples of corporate promotional material, either parody material like Idiocracy that is funny or real life examples that are bad? Ideally, I'd like something like the Photoshop Disasters blog but just focus on examples of bad design?
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Weeell, as much as I hate to bring up this hoary old thing, there's always


for all your terrible web design needs (according to the site owner). I have no idea how relevant it is these days, but at one point it was a pretty good reference for "learning good design by looking at bad design".
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Many are just a poor choice of name, but enjoy this anyway.
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I like Pr*tty Sh*tty. Seeing the contrast between two similar things, one that works, one that doesn't, has helped me learn how to articulate what's wrong with crappy design.
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Brand New doesn't focus on just the bad, but rather logo and brand redesign. Some of the originals are bad, while some of the new designs turn out to be worse than the originals.
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