Movie ID Filter: A murderous truck driver obstructs a young woman's vision of traffic with his truck and tells her it's safe when it isn't.
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Movie ID Filter: A murderous truck driver obstructs a young woman's vision of traffic with his truck and tells her it's safe when it isn't.

I saw part of this movie on TV sometime in the early 2000's, and for the life of me can't remember anything about it beyond this one scene.

A cute girl in a red? sports car pulls up alongside a cheerful looking middle-aged truck driver, he signals her to go ahead, she does and is t-boned catastrophically with no chance of survival. Anyone seen this movie?
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How about Joy Ride? Haven't seen it, but it looks plausible.
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Sounds like a homage to Steven Spielberg's early effort, Duel (based on a Richard Matheson short story).
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Doesn't sound like Joy Ride to me...I don't remember it super well, but the truck driver didn't have any friendly interactions with the protagonists.

Shudder, my cousin and I scared ourselves silly with that movie!
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Are you sure it's not duel... there's a scene just like that in duel. Man what Speilberg could do before hollywood handed him billion dollar budgets.
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Going off what kindall said, I looked up movies that reference Duel, and they can be found here.

Some ones that sound promising:

Blacktop (2000) (TV)
- Black truck / red car smashing on hills

After the Sunset (2004)
- The scene where the big truck "threatens" the car

Power (1986)
- Closely imitated in scene where Richard Gere's car is run off the road by a semi.

There are tons of other ones.
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The trucker is on CB with someone, and announces he's going to do something (iirc, he says "toast this bitch"). He signals when it's safe for her to pass, and that's the end of her.

Someone else is killed while dealing with a break down (tire, probably). This brings in that person's father, trying to find out the answers. He starts hanging out in some truck stops whose patrons aren't especially in to the whole "legal" thing. Almost getting a Mad Max feel to those places.

I remember that much. I'm avoiding the spoiler, which pertains to the identity of the evil trucker. No clue about the name or who was in it! That memory has a wire crossed with some 1960's apocalyptic film where the protagonists "make a stop sign" buy igniting gasoline poured across the road.

(I get weird cross references in my memory sometimes. The "toast this bitch" part is uncertain because it's crossed with Shashank Redemption, where the guy that REALLY killed Tim Robbin's wife is telling his story).
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Response by poster: If anyone can identify the movie Goofyy is referring to, that does sound like the right movie.
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