Right cable configuration to connect a Hagstrom Patch 2000 guitar and pedal to an Arp Odyssey III?
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I'm trying to get my guitar/synth configuration working -- a project I've been at for YEARS. I finally have everything but still cannot get it to work. I think I need the right cable configuration (from the pedal to the synthesizer) to connect my Hagstrom Patch 2000 guitar and pedal to my Arp Odyssey III. But I'm not sure what that configuration is.

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I can get a tone triggered from the guitar to the synth (which seems to imply that everything is working), but it's always only one tone and I cannot get variation. My guess (and hope!) is that I'm just not using the correct cable output/input configuration.

Relevant details:
- Video (youtube) of pedal and synth (not an Arp Odyssey) being played together (technical demo starts at 0:50).
- Photo of back of pedal
- Photo showing inputs for the synth (inputs/outputs in lower right of photo read, from top down: CV IN / OUT; GATE IN / OUT; TRIG IN / OUT)

As you can see at 2:37 of the video above, it seems only the VCO and S. TRIG outputs of the pedal seem to be going to the synth. I believe I've exhausted every configuration into the synth using only these 2 outputs.

Any help is appreciated!
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The correct configuration is :

Pedal to Synth:
CV out to CV in
Trig out to Trig in
Gate out to Gate in

It sounds like the CV isn't working at some point in your chain (you are only getting one tone) [I'm assuming that the sound matches the length of sound triggered - this is the Trig and Gate inputs ] So, you need to figure out where the CV is breaking - the first step I would take is testing the output voltage of the pedal with a multimeter (basic pitch table here) Ring and tip with different cables. This splits the circuit in half. If the voltage is changing coming out of the pedal, the CV input to your synth is broken. If the voltage coming out of the pedal is constant - the pedal side is broken. Once you know that you'll be in a much better position to go forward.
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Unfortunately, I can't give you your next step because I can't find the service manual for the guitar online.
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Also try just using Trig or Gate -- not both.
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Did you ever get this figured out?
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