I need more World Cup tickets, stat
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I bought World Cup tickets....but not enough. What are my options?

During the April 15th ticketing window, my friend and I here in the US bought tickets to several games happening between 6/26 and 7/4. We did not buy tickets for my friend in Johannesberg because as I understood it, I couldn't buy tickets for a non-American, and also because he'd been telling me he was able to get tickets from prices as low as $20 in Jo-burg. Thus I didn't want to stick him with $600 of tickets.

But this was a stupid decision. Firstly because even if he could get his own tickets, he wouldn't be sitting with us. Secondly, because the tickets sold out on April 16, and by then it was too late.

I feel really terrible about this. I am willing to chase down every avenue to get him tickets to those games. The problem is that the FIFA site says those games are 'currently not available'. I don't know if that refers to being sold out completely or not.

Are there other opportunities to buy additional tickets? Will it be possible to get them from scalpers? Are there other places on the ground in Jo-Burg where they might be available, even Craigslist, etc? Is there a trading post, of sorts?

I would feel really terrible to visit him, stay with him, have him show me around, but not be able to come to games with us. It would be disastrous. Any advice would be great.

(Made anonymous because his friends read MeFi and I don't want to draw unwanted attention to my dumb mistake)
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Memail me.
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This is not ideal, but if you find that no one else can help you and you bought tickets to "several games" such that "several" is greater than or equal to three, then he could chip in 1/3 of the total you paid and the three of you could rotate out, so two of you see each game, and each person gets to attend 2/3 of the games. Again, finding a third ticket would be better, but this beats the otherwise "disastrous" option.
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Not sure if you got your tickets or not, but more tickets went on sale last Friday. It would be worth checking the availability again.

Also, if you're going to be in Johannesburg for the World Cup, you might want to check out this thread: http://metatalk.metafilter.com/19368/Joburg-Meetup.
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