Podcast/Twitter recommendations for World Cup 2010?
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Which Podcasts/Twitter Feeds are most worth my time in the run-up to (and during) next month's World Cup?

A couple of brief parameters: I prefer long-form Podcasts (say thirty minutes+) ranging anywhere from analysis to history to culture to entertainment.

As far as Twitter feeds, those that would be most beneficial to me would be those containing interesting tidbits of info, i.e. not just a crappy ersatz .rss feed for the Guardian's Football section or a bunch of score updates.

Thanks in advance.
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I subscribe to the Guardian Football Weekly Podcast during major championships, when it goes out daily. Funny, irreverent and knowledgeable.

And Football Filter has, among many other things, a selection of podcasts that you can peruse.
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World Cup Buzz might be worth a go - I subscribed to it not an hour ago, and I haven't actually listened to it yet, but judging by the content so far it may be decent.
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Seconding the Guardian's efforts. I shall also be listening to The Football Ramble and will give Baddiel and Skinner's Absolute Radio Podcast a shot as well. All of these are liable to have something of an English bias (at least until England go out of the competition).
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Thirding Football Weekly. Utterly best.
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