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PSP Firmware filter! Help me upgrade!

im on version : 3.52 M33-4
this, i believe, is custom firmware, and i read that i have to downgrade first before upgrading to version 6.20

I am not interested in "custom firmware" anymore, and just need the regular one to play legally obtained games.

When i try to upgrade it gives the "dadadada game cannot be played" error.

How do i upgrade without bricking my psp?
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It might be best to ask on a dedicated PSP-hacking forum like PSP Hacks.

I heard that M33 is no longer being developed and something called GEN is most popular CFW right now.

If you do ask on a dedicated forum, be sure to specify the model number of your PSP. The different versions (phat, slim etc etc) react differently to firmware updates and as you say, there's a danger of bricking the machine if you get it wrong.
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Swap it with someone who is unable to run the custom roms... it's a desirable ability - what you seek is 'normal'.

Perhaps advertise on Craigs list or any of the games forum boards?
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the thing is, i dont trust people in those communities - im scared of bricking my psp!
I trust you guys though, haha.
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I was in the same situation and I decided to upgrade to the most recent official firmware because I wanted to play a new game that required the latest firmware. Honestly, I don't mind losing the custom firmware (although it was kinda cool to be able to play mario bros. on my psp lol). All I did was put in the new game (I forgot the name, it was the sock monkey one lol) and it asked me if I wanted to upgrade the firmware and I did. BUT the custom firmware I had was the kind that I had to reload if I ever did a hard reset on the psp (sorry, it's been awhile and I forget the version name/number and the technical spec's). Is there a way you can "downgrade it" to the previous official firmware (i.e. remove the custom ware) and then just update it as usual?
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the thing is, i dont trust people in those communities - im scared of bricking my psp!

They are experienced in this sort of thing, though, and they probably have comprehensive FAQs for doing what you describe. I don't have a hacked PSP, but I know the Wii boards I've used have had tutorials for returning it to factory conditions.
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