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What blogs do you read? I'm on the search for intelligent, thoughtful blogs like everyone's favorite, Metafilter. Sure, there's Fark, and Linkswarm to name a few, but these sites are a bit chaotic and, frankly, too big. The Fark I started reading years ago now has too many silly local stories--why are so many about dumb criminals?

I'm also not looking for personal blogs, but more community-based. Any suggestions?
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The first that comes to mind is Boing Boing...
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memepool Also, LivingOnThePlanet is pretty cool for hours at a time.
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I read waaay too many blogs, but not that many community-based ones. Metafilter is all I can handle. Maybe try Crooked Timber.
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Blog of a Bookslut is just two authors, but I recommend it highly.
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I like Linkfilter occasionally, and of course Monkeyfilter. (Note: on a Dvorak keyboard, it is entirely too easy to accidentally type "Monkeyfister.")
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Fafblog is the best thing going.
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J-Walk is one of my personal favourites.
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/pimping them because they bought me a free drink tonight
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BoingBoing (but I use a filter to remove all stories by "Xeni"), Flickr's Blog and WorldChanging.
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Linkfilter for the links, Crooked Timber to feel really un-smart.
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I always thought it was interesting to look at the other feeds that Metafilter subscribers also subscribe to on Bloglines. Top 5: Boing Boing, Slashdot, Wired News, kuro5hin, Gizmodo.
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Whatever (which led me to my first encounter with the big blue) and Monkeyfilter are two of my favorites. For some reason, others seem to be slipping my mind at the moment. Maybe because it's 2 am, and I should really go to bed instead of replying to AskMe posts.
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Go Fug Yourself

Manolo's Shoe Blog (the Manolo, he is super fantastic)

Gael's wonderful Pop Culture Junk Mail, which is how I found out about MeFi

Obviously, I'm not hoping to learn anything.
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Arts & Letters Daily
The Agonist
LucianneDotCom (quick to get stories up, but skip the unintelligent comments)
And of course:
Everlasting Blort
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POE news, if you're willing to accept a culture with more bizarre in-jokes, incredibly strange and sometimes abhorrent people, and a snarkiness and sense of anti-community that would make mefites cry like little babies.
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i like corante. i look at copyfight every day and many 2 many a couple times a week. each has about 5-6 contributors and they're very thoughtful. they're intellectual-community based, rather than physical-community based. there is give and take in them, but neither is always about the dialogue.

(wow, krisjohn, thanks, i had no idea you could do that! i might start reading boingboing again!)
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This is a little off topic. . .but damnhellasskings is a collection of pretty humorous blogs.
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The Morning News
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gawker.com is a guilty pleasure of mine.
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left2right -- political blog
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bopnews -- another political blog.
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