Small Network Name Resolution
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What's the simplest way to get local DNS(-like) services on a small network?

This is a home network with 3 standardish Linux machines, an OSX machine and a few mobile devices.

I used to have a DNS server but it was a real hassle to set up so it would only answer for local addresses. Not only that, but now at least one computer on the network gets a dynamic address and the DHCP server (which is the router) doesn't do name resolution (what).

I could just do it via /etc/hosts and forget about the mobile DHCP guys (or give them permanent leases) but I thought ask around before going old skool.
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Set up Dnsmasq. It's a lightweight DNS and DHCP server that is easy to set up and very flexible. It can simply get its list of hosts from /etc/hosts for computers with static IP, and automatically set DNS hostnames for computers that use DHCP. I love it.
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DNRD might be useful. You can also rig it to provide DNS entries for devices that have their addresses assigned by DHCP.
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I believe Dnsmasq is part of DD-WRT if you're inclined to pimping a compatible router with 3rd party firmware
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I don't know about support on the mobile devices, but you might also look at Bonjour or similar "zero-configuration" networking options for desktops.
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I rely on Bonjour for name resolution on my home network. The Macs have it installed already, you can download it for Windows machines, and on Ubuntu/Debian, look for the avahi-daemon package, not sure about other distros.
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Yeah, a coworker recommended ZeroConf but I was skeptical for at least the reason of the OSX. I forgot Bonjour was there. Maybe that's my method. Is there a tutorial or something for how to set it up for name resolution?
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NM on that tutorial. Just installing avahi-daemon and libnss.mdns made it work with things like "ping NAME.local". Awesome. Just need to figure out the mobile device (it runs linux, so presumably....)
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