Best way to Guangzhou from HK Airport
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What's the cheapest way and/or fastest way to get to Guangzhou from Hong Kong airport? Train or bus, not plane.
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I'm not exactly sure from the airport but I've taken the train from Hong Kong station to Guangzhou. It's fast and comfortable. Something around 2 hours. Expect a queue at the HKG station as you clear China immigration before boarding the train.
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Fastest is definitely train. From the airport, take the MTR to Kowloon's Hung Hom station, and take the intercity train straight into Guangzhou.

I thought about doing this my last couple times in HK, but never got around to getting the necessary Chinese visa.
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You can also take a ferry from SkyPier at HKIA to Guangzhou Nansha or take a highway coach from the bus terminal in the basement of Terminal 2 at HKIA
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The ferry is great. A new view of the world.
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Definitely the ferry! But keep in mind that Nansha is a fair distance from Guangzhou, none of the taxi drivers are likely to speak a word of English and there isn't any obvious public transportation. It will all work out fine, though.
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Ended up taking the train just like Dimpy suggested, and it worked out perfect. For people looking at this question in the future--it's the fastest and most convenient route but not the cheapest. The bus is cheaper but you have to get off and on the bus again for customs in Shenzhen which was a little bit of a pain (I took the bus going back home).

Next time I go I might have to try the ferry for fun!
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