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[name my blog filter] Starting a lifestyle blog, primarily focusing on going from an overweight, unhealthy and angry individual to a happy and healthy person. Totally brain dead on naming it!

I'll be talking some exercise, some food - but also talking about my life. I'm trying to take care of anger issues and be a happier person, grow and blossom and generally improve my life.

I'll probably talk about balance, family, work, going back to school for what I really want to do - with the underlying theme of becoming mentally, physically, and spiritually fit.

I have NO ideas for names, but I know I don't really want to use the word journey or anything similar in the title.

All ideas are helpful, and I appreciate your time. :)
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With or without the hyphen.
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"Life in the Balance"
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The Biggest Winner
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Bringing It All Together
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Cluistic Happifying
Leaving the Snackmosphere

with apologies to
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There are .me domains available.

'' is available.
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Balancing Scales
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I've got a private blog called "Refining your Life" that I have no intention of making public so if that title fits, go for it. I'm using that blog for the same reasons you described, and that's the only name I found that worked for me; obviously YMMV.

Another one I thought of that sort of ties in with both food and anger - Gut Wisdom.

I'd be curious to see your blog when it lanuches. Will we see it in MeFi Projects?
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the ideas so far! Right now Blawesoming and Hallucidation are my favorites, with Gut Wisdom and following close behind...I await further ideas!

And Hardcore Poser, I will definitely post it in MeFi Projects once I finally get the ball rolling.
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NewMe-NewMe Dance
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Fuck This, I'm Over It


Today, Not Tomorrow

Plan C

I'm Not After Perfection, Just World Domination

Shut Up And Grind
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The Happying
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I keep trying to think of a variation of Super-Size Me that fits -- Super-Revise Me maybe?
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Before and After.
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