I heard it's always sunny there.
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What are some can't miss things to do in Philadelphia for my boyfriend's birthday?

So my boyfriend's birthday is this weekend coming up, and unfortunately he's stuck in Philadelphia on work assignment, so I'm bringing the birthday to him! What are some things we can't miss in Philly? Difficulty level: he's been here for about a month and has been coming home weekends, so he's seen and done the touristy-type things but hasn't had a weekend out on the town. Restaurant suggestions, activities, bars, etc, are all welcome, just no cheese steaks, please.

We'll be staying in the area of 16th and Chestnut/Walnut Streets, and would like to keep it within walking distance, but we do have vehicles.
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two quick ideas:

restaurant for yummy but pricey food: tinto (and if you can afford it, go all out with the tasting menu).

random artsy stuff: see the magic gardens.
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Best answer: I've posted about this in this thread.

In summation:

Bob and Barbara's
Village Whiskey
Reading Terminal Market
West Philly -> Dock St, Fu Wah Market, Dahlak

Google them!
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Just a head's up...lots of the restaurants in Philly don't take credit or debit cards, it's strictly cash only.
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Best answer: Cocktails at The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. followed by dinner at Tinto and more drinks at Tria. Hit up the zoo during the day—it's a blast, really.
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Seconding Tinto--I went there on an AskMe recommendation recently and it's very good.

Also through this site, I was recently introduced to the General Lafayette out on Germantown Pike. Their website is exceedingly ugly; their beer, however, is exceedingly good. Worth travelling for, but you'll need a designated driver (strong!). Food is also decent. Still in the brewpub line, Earth is not as far out and somewhat hipper (though eeek, website in Comic Sans). Sells what looked like pretty tasty flatbreads, but having just eaten at the General Lafayette I didn't try them.

Enjoy it, whatever you do!
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Mutter Museum! It's only several blocks away from where you're staying.
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It looks like the weather's going to be gorgeous, so if you don't mind a teensy bit of a drive, you could go to Laurel Hill Cemetery, just up Kelly Drive past the Art Museum. It features fantastic Victorian monuments, stunning views over the Schuylkill, and the final resting places of such luminaries as General George Meade, Harry Kalas, and Adrian Balboa. ;-)

Or just get a coffee and hang out in Rittenhouse Square for a little while. It'll be way more crowded than Laurel Hill, but lots of entertaining people-watching. Have fun!
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For coffee in Rittenhouse, stop at La Colombe. Best coffee in the city.
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I second the Mutter Museum. Very, very cool.
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Marrakesh is pretty fun and tasty.
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High end or low end? What does your boyfriend like to do? Its a big city, lots of options...
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Seconding Mutter and Magic Gardens. But...give us some more info!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! We had a great time, and I'll be hitting the city again in just a few weeks. (Monk's and Tria were both particularly fantastic, thankyouthankyouthankyou).

Mutter Museum was... words other than "disturbing" fail me. But it definitely guaranteed him the weirdest birthday ever.

Thanks everyone!
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