Brown Jordan patio furniture prices?
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Finding prices for Brown Jordan patio furniture?

My parents own some Brown Jordan patio furniture (pic) that is in really good shape after 30 years outside. I want to buy some for myself, but the company has been incredibly good about keeping sales and even prices off the internet.

I'm hoping someone with better google-fu than I can track down an actual price list, or failing that someone who has purchased from Brown Jordan recently can let me know some ballpark prices. I'm sure I'll have to buy through a dealer, but I'd like to have baseline to start from.
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Do you have any particular Brown Jordan pieces in mind?
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I'm partial to the style in the picture if they still make them.

yoyoceramic: I can't believe I forgot to check eBay. Thanks.
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Fixed leg lawn chairs: $300
Spring legged ("Bouncy") lawn chairs: $400
Small tables: $150
Chaise Lounge lawn chairs: $600

Much cheaper than I expected, really. Downright cheap if their quality control has kept up.
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