Kick-ass movie soundtrack question.
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Kick-Ass movie soundtrack question.

Does anyone know which song is played during the scene where Big Daddy kills everyone in the lumber warehouse? Thanks.
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If I recall, it's "Don Abandons Alice" from 28 Weeks Later, by John Murphy.
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Yep, that's it! Thanks!
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The original, slightly longer version of that track (from 28 Days Later) is called "In the House, In a Heartbeat."
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In the House, In a Heartbeat (which, as googly notes, is the original arrangement of Don Abandons Alice), has been used in the soundtrack of a number of other films and movie trailers.
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When I was watching this movie last weekend, I totally intended to come to AskMe to ask this EXACT SAME QUESTION, but forgot all about it. I recognized the song, but couldn't place it. So thank you for asking. :)
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