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Name that Android App

All of the ads for the HTC Android phones feature a clock app on the home screen. It looks like an old style alarm clock where the numbers flip over and also the current weather for (presumably) your home location. Here it is on the HTC products site

So all you HTC owners, what is this app called and is it downloadable from the Android marketplace (and will it run on any version of android)?
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Sorry, actually linked:
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You are looking for Beautiful Widgets. They used to have the same HTC clock, but had to take it down. There are tons of similar options, though. There are several very well-done skins you can choose from. It's one of my favorite apps!
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Yeah, that exact widget is an HTC widget, included with the Sense OS, but there are similar options out there.
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More on the Sense UI which is a layer that HTC adds to some of the Windows Mobile and Android phones that it creates (but not all of them). That old timey flip clock is part of the Sense package that HTC uses for Android based Sense. A counter example is that the HTC manufactured Google Nexus One doesn't have Sense UI therefore it doesn't have that widget.

With that said, as bristolcat mentioned, there are people who made knockoff widgets that approximate the ones shipped with Sense phones.
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