Need help with resume: recommended services?
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Resume help I'm in need of a professional to retune my resume. And I need help. Long story short: Is there someone you used who 'knocked you out'? (If you're a mefite who does this, I'm interested in your services as well)

Long story long:

I'm unhappy with my job. I've been here too long and fairly successful at it. It's just that I've gone as far as I can. My field? It's hard for me to talk about my field without revealing who I am. Basically, I'm a specialist/instructor with some computer fields that aren't web related.

I updated my resume…gave it to some friends (who hire/deal with resumes more than I do.) They gave great comments; I updated it again. And again. And again. I'm paralyzed and at this point I want a 'professional' to help. And yes, I'm willing to pay.

I tried two groups, both of whom I emailed…and they never got back to me. The third? It was woman wrote a book, has some certifications (do these certifications even mean anything?)…but when I asked for a reference, I was told 'sorry, no.' Also her pricing was about three times above anyone else.

Googling for this is sorta difficult - I'm not able to discern which groups have any value/integrity

Basically, I'd like someone to help me with my existing resume, interview me/discuss some of my accomplishments and push my resume to the next level.

I'm looking for, specifically:
Have you used a person/service? Is there someone I should avoid? What is a 'reasonable' rate?

Throwaway email:
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It may help if you email the mods so they can post your location.
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Mod note: From the OP:
east coast US/ PA area - willing to travel anywhere
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I don't have a specific person for you, but here's what worked for me.
I was unemployed for seven months last year, and luckily my former employer provided *real* career counselors for us. Mine had me re-do my resume about a dozen times, each time painstakingly careful to include/format all the things he'd told me.
After the 12th, I created a "mega-resume" with absolutely everything from all those resumes, all my jobs, all my skills, abilities, and results, etc.
Then, when I'd apply for a job, it was (relatively) easy to 'tailor' the resume for the specific job.
That's when I got results (and a job).
You may want to try that - but there's a point when you just have to start applying for jobs - and always tailor for each position (same with the cover letter).
Hope this helps.
Good luck.
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I do this and can provide references. E-mailed the OP.
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If you are that specialized, you are unlikely to find your dream job by applying. Talk to people, use your blog if you have one, get your name out there through recruiters and through other enthusiasts in your field, and do lots of coffee meetings with company owners and other stakeholders to see if you might be able to find a way to work together. The resume should be an, "Oh by the way," maybe even not coming into the picture at all.
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