Trying to keep a cool head! ! !
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Can anyone suggest a pillow that will stay cool? I'm always turning my pillow over during the night to the cool side - is this just wishful thinking - is there such a pillow? Any suggestions are appreciated!
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Chillow. It's magic. I had horrible migraines for years and this was a godsend.
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Seconding the Chillow. I lost mine when I moved, but it was awesome. I ought to buy a new one. I think I bought mine at Walgreen's, and paid a lot less than $39.99 for it at the time.
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I have a Coolmax pillow that I really like. I think it came from Target - it was one of their store branded pillow options, so fairly inexpensive.
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I've heard people recommend buckwheat pillows, but I don't think they're very soft.
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I've been using tempur-pedic pillows for years. They always stay cool. Mine is the neck pillow. I take it with me when I travel. Nothing else feels right anymore. They're pricey but I think they're worth the cost.

I've never tried the chillow.
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Not to completely disagree with JV, but I have a neck pillow a la tempur pedic variety. It gets warm. Flipping all night long.
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If you're interested, different sheets might help also. I find that jersey knit cotton sheets are good for not getting that hot sheet feeling.
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Contrary to wondermouse, I find that the jersey "tshirt sheets" are too hot in the summer.

I'm actually glad to hear that the chillow works - always just thought it was a gimmick.
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Jade pillow
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Maybe a different pillowcase? I have one pillow in a silk pillowcase that is consistently cooler than the others, which are all in cotton.
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I love my Chillow, but sometimes I find that by the morning, the entire Chillow is hot from soaking up the heat all night. And that sucks. Any of you other Chillow users experience that? Is there a solution?
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Air-filled pillow?
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Hmm. I feel like memory foam is very warm, and that even having something cold in the middle of it wouldn't last all night. I'm also fussy about synthetics, because no matter what the temperature, they feel sweaty. Wool, on the other hand, is okay. So as a person who also likes cool beds, I would vote for a natural pillow, like all silk or all cotton, or wool with a cotton cover.
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haven't tried it yet, but I intend to sew a pillowcase from terrycloth (towel material).
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Sorry to be a bit late: But just wanted to post a dissenting opinion on the Chillow. I heard all sorts of great things about it too and tried it for a few weeks but hated it. It's basically a flat plastic pouch with a sheet of foam in it, filled with water. It's heavy and slides around in the pillowcase, and the plastic makes your skin sweat. Like another poster, I also found it heats up, making the problem even worse. I got rid of mine in a rummage sale. I'd avoid it.
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Get yourself one of these eucalyptus pillow cases (and sheets are available too).

I am working on some new hotel designs (interior designer here), and this is what they are using for the bedding. It stays incredibly cool. I have not personally tried them, but the owner of one particular hotel ordered an entire set after just trying the pillowcases.
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