Can you recommend sperm donation/ artificial insemination movies, please!
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I want to watch IUI (intrauterine insemination) aka artificial insemination related movies. Do you know of any?

I want to find movies that use artificial insemination or sperm donation as a plot. There's these - The Backup Plan and The Switch - but are there any older ones, other new ones? Even documentaries would be cool to watch.
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Forget Paris has an episode regarding artificial insemination. (One section of a long-term romantic narrative á la When Harry Met Sally.)
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The Kids Are All Right is due out soon, too. Some of the keywords listed on that page should lead you to other titles as well.
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Chutney Popcorn is about a woman who agrees to be inseminated by her infertile sister's husband. I don't remember if it was any good, but the plot definitely centers on artificial insemination (there may have been a turkey baster.)
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The Big Chill
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Demon Seed
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Heh, Baby Mama.
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(Does surrogacy count?)
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Response by poster: Surrogacy is cool. Baby Mama is hilarious. I should watch that again.
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The third segment ("2000") of If These Walls Could Talk 2 features a couple looking at sperm donation options.
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