seeking leak detection referral in Arlington, TX
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Arlington, TX filter... hello, fellow Mefites! I come to you today for a service referral. I have a water leak somewhere in my garage, probably coming from the water heater and/or washing machine. I've made an attempt in the past to track it down, but now simply want to find a reputable, fair and competent leak detection service.
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Before you go in the direction of a leak detection service, can you give us a little more information? You say the leak is in the garage. Is it coming up through the slab? You say it is "...probably coming from the water heater and/or washing machine." What are the clues that lead you to that assumption? Do you have a wet stream running out the door or some boxes near these appliances that have wet bottoms? Lastly, why have you not chosen to call a plumber before a leak detector?

Just want to better understand your needs.
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