Help DIGG me from this hole
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Help me find this Digg type message comment system for my corporate internal site.

Months back I was researching comment/message board type out of the box applications and I found one that was very similar to digg in that you could post something and users could post comments, but also give thumbs up or down which in turn would raise the comment higher in it's vertical listing - What was that tool?

FWIW I'm looking to add this comment system to my field sales' website so that the reps could log in and either comment to posted corporate messages or share their own experiences with either their customers and or products.

Bonus points if it is configurable where upon log in it could take and pass my users usernames so that if they post comments it would automatically know who was leaving the comment.
Bonus points x2 - Admin features...dirty word searches, having to approval either comments or questions, being able to remove comments.

Yes - this might be too specific in terms of customization so any other recommendations are also appreciated.

Also if you have any suggestions for polling applications that would be easily integrated into a website, I'd like those too (i've found a plethora of free polling sites so was looking for personal experience in a corporate setting)!
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Not sure how close it will be, but the Reddit source is open and available for use.
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I've not worked with it for a long time but Pligg might do the job?
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Response by poster: found it - Ideascale
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