I love watching chickens thaw...and hillbillies...
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Seeking documentary suggestions, slightly specific. Ideas?

I really enjoyed The Natural History of the Chicken. I am seeking suggestions for documentaries that kind of follow the same lines in that they are slightly humorous, chain of stories, 'lighthearted', feel-good type of documentaries. Don't know if this is a good description, watch the clip if needed. Bonus if I can watch on Youtube. Suggestions?
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Errol Morris' Fast, Cheap and Out of Control is a documentary about four men in vastly different fields, who reflect on the essence of their own success and what leads them to satisfaction with their lives.
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I just knew I should have previewed
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I have not seen you chicken video, but will do so soon.

I love Cane Toads: An Unnatural History. It's on YouTube in five parts, but I first saw it off a VHS tape that had been played so many times it was nearly unwatchable.
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Okie Noodling. It's about guys in Oklahoma who catch catfish bare-handed. Although it's not so much catching as it is getting a massive catfish to chomp on your bare arm.
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Mad Hot Ballroom
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The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
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Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea
This American Life (You'll have to pick and choose from their series)
Dogtown n Z-Boys
Behind the Wheel
Air Guitar Nation
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King of Kong
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Ask, and ye shall receive.
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Home Movie. This is a wonderful little gem of a documentary. And very, very funny.
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