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Looking for a book from the 80's, possibly a young adult novel.

My mom used to bring home bags of galleys from library and booksellers conferences in the 80's, and I've been trying to remember the name of one that was my particular favorite when I was a tween/teen.

It was about a skinny girl from a small Texas town nicknamed "Stick" whose boyfriend takes Polaroids of her and eventually becomes a supermodel, much to the surprise of everyone.

I've been trying to remember the title of this book for years without success - and I have no idea who the author was or if the book was ever really for sale.
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Best answer: "Zoe", by Dirk Wittenborn. From Amazon:

Stick lives in a small town in Texas: she's tall, thin, gawky, and has no ambition or future. Then she meets Nicky who is handsome, sophisticated and introduces her to love and danger. When Nicky is arrested and sent into the army, Stick flees to New York to find him but instead meets a photographer who is determined to make her famous. She changes her name to Zoe and becomes a supermodel sensation, conquering each city her cover-girl image reaches - and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. Suddenly Zoe has all the attention, money, fame and drugs a girl could want, but she doesn't have one thing: Nicky. Caught in a whirlwind, it seems as if Zoe will settle for the hollow pleasures of celebrity and glamour, until Nicky reappears, on the run.
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Response by poster: OolooKitty - how did you do that?! THANK YOU!
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I remember reading it! I loved that book. I was so excited to see the question and realize I knew it right away.
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Response by poster: You have made me very, very happy :-)
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