How to de-moisturize some clothing ?
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Laundry Advice ! Advice on how to clean moisturizing type cream from clothing ?

I have accidentally put a moisturizing type cream over a woolen sweater and a some cotton trousers.

The top ingredients are : Purified Water; Glycerol; Olive Oil; Cetostearyl Alcohol ... and after that a lot of chemicals which I suspect wouldn't have much visual impact.

Anyone got any idea how to get this off. I would prefer not to use dry cleaning. Searching for Glycerol brings up a lot of stuff about how to use it as a cleaner !

(I think I've just discovered that Glycerol is water soluble so maybe this is essentially a 'remove olive oil' question ?)
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Here is what Home Comforts says under how to remain cosmetic stains:
Pretreat with stain stick, prewash stain remover, liquid detergent or a paste of granular detergent or laundry additive and water, or rub with bar soap. Work into dampened stain until outline of stain is gone; rinse. If greasy stain remains, soak in an enzyme product. Rinse and launder.
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Carbona makes a line of products called Stain Devils. They come in 1.7 fl oz little yellow bottles and can be found in the laundry section at stores like Walmart and mass supermarkets. They make 10 different ones, and in this case, Number 5 (Fat Grease & Oil) or Number 6 (Makeup & Grass) might work best of the line--my guess is #5.

I have used this line to extraordinary success for years. I had a new pair of expensive cream trousers that I wore for the first time to Easter. My cousin was cooking with red wine and splattered my new pants with the concoction. I was actually almost in tears as I helplessly tried to remove the wine with the detergent and club soda they offered me there, and only made the stains grow and get worse. But when I got home about 8 hrs later, I applied Number 8 (Fruit & Red Wine), washed the pants, and to my amazement, every last spatter came out and the pants looked brand new.

So try these out. Here's their online store in case your local ones don't carry them.

Good luck!
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Pretreating with dish soap (e.g. Dawn) often gets grease stains out for me.
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Pretreating with dish soap (e.g. Dawn) often gets grease stains out for me.

I got the same advice from a dry cleaner: dish soap - and lukewarm water.
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I also use a squirt of Dawn in every load. I am a massage therapist and my linens always have massage creams/oils in them --- Dawn is the only thing that I've found to work consistently.
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nthing Dawn.
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