How to make an interactive flowchart, and who to do it?
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What is the best way (language) to create an online interactive flowchart? How would a small company find candidates to do the work, and how much should it cost?

I'm working with a small consulting firm. They'd like to create a website with an interactive flowchart. I know something about websites and computers, but almost nothing about interactive web design. I'm hoping to give them a brief background on their technological options and who we might get to do the work. I've looked up similar questions here and got some idea, but still feeling kind of fuzzy on why one solution would be preferable to another.

Goals: an interactive flowchart where, if someone clicks on a part of the flowchart, visual and/or verbal detail come up. Clicking on other parts might send you to a new page altogether (but that's simple to do). This is sort of what they were thinking, I believe, although with the details to come up on click, not mouseover, if that matters.

Question--what, who, how much:

I know Flash is the most obvious way to do this, but I also know there are issues with Flash--it doesn't work with mobile platforms, it doesn't degrade, it's not very accessible (and accessibility might matter to the client). I think other ways to do this might include jquery, javascript, and Ajax. What way would you recommend, and why? What are the pros and cons of your recommended technique?

How would we go about finding a good designer/programmer, and what needs would you highlight in the job description? This doesn't have to be world-class design but obviously we'd like someone who will work efficiently, produce what we need, and give us something that's technically well-done. Because of confidentiality concerns with the client, I don't think we can just, like, advertise on Craigslist or put the listing up on a freelancer bid site. However, I don't think the candidate will have to be in a particular geographic location.

Finally, how much should we expect to pay per hour for this type of work?
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Does your client just want the flowchart and that's that ... or do they want a facility to build arbitrary flowcharts from time to time and have them displayed on the website ?
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Response by poster: I think it could be either. The most important thing is the project at hand, and that's the only thing the company I'm working with knows they want done ... but if it goes well this client, or other clients, might like to take advantage of the capability.

I don't know if this is addressing the underlying direction of your question, but it's quite likely that the company I'm working with might like to develop a long-term relationship with a designer/programmer they could call upon to do additional similar projects.
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