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MushroomFilter: Where to find Lepiota lutea, aka. yellow parasol mushrooms in the Vancouver B.C. area ?

Most people consider this mushroom a pest, but I would love to have some of these growing in my plant display. I've asked the Vancouver Mycological Society where to find these, and they weren't sure but suggested contacting local nurseries. Any new ideas, or specific nurseries to ask ?

If any locals have a sample they could give me, that would be amazing!

Bonus: Are there any mushrooms that would grow as well in an indoor potted plant, and are visually appealing / colourful ?
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Best answer: Mushrooms are incredibly capricious, and even if you manage to find a houseplant with that Lepiota in its soil, you won't be able to control when or if it ever presents itself.

That being said, I live in Seattle and I got a ponytail palm from Ikea that has SOME sort of fungal friend living with it. It almost fruited (formed a mushroom) once but didn't go to completion, so I couldn't get an ID.

My advice, therefore, is to get houseplants from kind of sketchy places, places where they wouldn't take a lot of care with their soil.
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Best answer: I like to Grow Reshi (Ganoderma lucidum) they are really interesting looking, and the fruit can last for months or even years, rather then a few days. Also they make a nice tea.

Do you have any experience with growing mushrooms? If not i would suggest starting with a kit.
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Response by poster: emyd: This is good advice. The "where" being the hard part, the part I'd like to pin down! I was hoping I'd be lucky and someone would chime in and say "I've got these!".

St. Sorryass: I take these as a supplement, great stuff. I've read a bit about growing, but have no experience. I understand these need to grow in a log ? My plant pot is rather small (sits on my desk, ~6"x12"), do you think it would work using a small piece of hardwood ?

Thanks for the answers guys!
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