Total, Relaxed organization and Getting Things Done
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Any MeFI people using Priacta's Total, Relaxed Organization as a GDT improvement/expansion/reboot?

At some time years ago Metafilter taught me about David Allen's Getting Things Done, and it changed my world. But over time I got a little sloppy, while at the same time the workload and complexity of my job went way up. I feel like I need to do something to shake things up, but I am not inspired to go strait into a GTD reboot. I was really good at using Tracks. It did not scale well for me and I only use it for a few projects now but have another 65 perpetual "next actions" all with red overdue tags haunting me. That and the piles started to grow as my time spent on folder tasks collapsed.

The information I can find on the Priacta site makes it seem like a system that would be good for me, but the details are just not out there and who can trust testimonials on other web sites. Unless, of course, that would be the testimony of Mefites. Does anyone here have experience working with TRO from Priacta?
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