No-frills OS X Widget for sending e-mails?
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Can you recommend an OS X Dashboard Widget for the quick-and-dirty sending of e-mail messages?

I would love to bring up the Dashboard and see a small window with fields for a recipient address, subject and body, plus a send-button. For my purposes, I do not want something to retrieve mail, or even save outgoing mail. Just something that sends, using the SMTP info I provide initially.

Do you know of a widget like this? Thanks in advance for your time!
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If you're running Safari there's the "add to Dashboard" button where you can create a widget from any webpage. I just did it with a version of the Gmail "compose" message page. I changed the email compose section more of a small square. You highlight the part of the page you want to be in the widget and when you go to the Dashboard, there it is! I would think the compose screen from any webmail would be similar. However not sure how it some might handle logging you in though.

Other than that, most of the email widgets I've seen have pretty much been full service email, more or less.
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Not a dashboard widget, but it can be done with quicksilver.
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It's not a widget, but:

Assuming you're using Apple Mail, a little-known shortcut is that you can right-click (or Ctrl-click) on the Mail dock icon and select "Compose new message" from there.
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