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Is there a way to disable Firefox keyboard shortcuts? Ctrl+Q specifically...

So I use a tiny little Acer netbook which I've thrown Ubuntu on. All's well and dandy, 'cept that I'm a clumsy bastard, and this keyboard is a bit small. Not normally a problem, but I occasionally hit up instead of down when scrolling, or Q instead of Tab while holding Ctrl to switch tabs. Oh yes, and Ctrl+Q is apparently the shortcut for quit.

Try as I might, I have found no way to disable this one shortcut. As far as I can tell, Firefox does not provide any native ability to mess with keyboard shortcuts at all, and the keyconfig extension (which seems a bit fuckin' dodgy from the get-go, what with not being available from an official repository) only seems to let you add functions and shortcuts.

I just want to be rid of Ctrl+Q - I want to keep everything else as-is. Can this even be done?
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I haven't tested this, but it makes sense in my brain that you should be able to get Auto HotKey and set it up so that Ctrl-Q is a command to do something else. Assuming this works, I'd probably set it up so that it did Ctrl-Tab like you intended to type in the first place.
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Response by poster: theichibun: from the website - "AutoHotkey is a free, open-source utility for Windows."

...from the question: "So I use a tiny little Acer netbook which I've thrown Ubuntu on..."
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Would going into Tools - Options - Tabs in Firefox and checking the "Confirm before closing multiple tabs" box suffice as a workaround? It wouldn't disable the Ctrl-Q functionality, but it would give you a chance to say "Crap, no!".
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If you set it to "Warn me when closing multiple tabs", as long as you have more than one tab open it will ask you to confirm before quitting. Would that be close enough to disabling Ctrl-Q?
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Response by poster: You make good points, except that I wish to retain Alt+F4 (or mouse-based closure) without that annoying damn box. Okay, you've identified a valid work-around, but really, it oughtn't be too much to ask to change one damn keyboard shortcut...
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Best answer: You could also map Ctrl-Q to an innocuous global desktop shortcut like 'Raise Window' or 'Switch to workspace 1' or the like. In GNOME that's under Desktop - Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts, I don't know about KDE. That has the downside of making it unavailable to all apps though.
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Response by poster: Rhomboid, I do apologise - when I said I was a Ubuntu user I was lying through my teeth. I'm an Xubuntu user, I just forget so often since I tend to use much of the GNOME app suite, and Xubuntu doesn't do any real re-branding relative to Ubuntu (certainly none that survived more than 10 minutes post-install). As such, I'm not using GNOME (or KDE for that matter).

I'll have a look-see if I can do this in XFCE, but I'm not entirely convinced that it'll capture the input in such a way that Firefox doesn't also do so...
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Response by poster: Rhomboid, I do apologise again. In XFCE it's in the Keyboard panel, but setting Ctrl+Q as a global shortcut does indeed prevent it from being picked up by Firefox. It's a workaround, but I don't use that shortcut for anything at all, really, so it'll do nicely.
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And I apologize for recommending something that just couldn't work. Auto Hotkey is just so amazingly useful that I just assumed it would play nice with various flavors of Linux.
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Response by poster: theichibun, no need to apologise - it's there for posterity now (which may well help a Windows user with a similar problem in future?) along with the clarification that it's a Windows app. Sorry if my terseness came across as uncordial - that was not my intent.
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