Yet another help me find that book question..
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[Bibliophile Filter] Someone has read this 1970's adult fiction: A young boy, possibly evil, is seen by a female therapist or psychiatrist.

I think this is an obscure, not very popular book so I'm not holding my breath, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

The beginning of the book: A young boy is seen by a female therapist or psychiatrist. He is acting out and uses foul language. He possibly acts older than he is, making sexual remarks to her. I recall that the language was graphic. He is possibly evil?

The started reading the book approximately 1982 and it seem old/outdated to me thus the guess about publication date. The book wasn't very thick, maybe 100-150 pages tops, paperback; had a pinkish/brown color.

I don't know the whole plot because I lost the book when my backpack was taken from me in a mugging. Many years later and I still think about it and have always searched for it. It haunts me in a weird way.

My mother was an undiscriminating bibliophile/hoarder, she bought books by the box at garage and estate sales and I practically grew up in a library. Every wall of of house was floor to ceiling bookshelves, so I had a wealth of titles to choose from, which is a good thing because I turned out to be bookworm. This was one of those so I haven't the first clue about its origins.

Any suggestions are welcome.
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Although it isn't the book you describe, memory is fickle enough that I'll ask if your sure it wasn't Equus.
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Thanks OmieWise

I am 100% positive that it wasn't a play and 95% sure that the therapist was female; however you are indeed correct that memory is fickle and Equus does indeed have the required elements.

I am going to pick this up on the off, off chance.. What can it hurt?
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Another remote possibility: The Manticore by Robertson Davies. Probably not, though.
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Thank you too, Mr. Justice. I don't think it is, but I am so appreciative of every single suggestion, no matter how remote the possibility.

I'm going to pick this up too -- just in case!
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Could it have been Murphy's Boy, by Torey L. Hayden? Probably not, because it's non-fiction, but in it Hayden, a psychologist and therapist, tells the story of how she works with a very disturbed 15-year-old boy. He sexually assaults her at one point in the story. And the publication date fits.
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Thanks OS -- I'm picking this up from paperbackswap right now -- just in case. If nothing else, I'll have another book to add to my "to read" pile.
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I found it! After all these years.

The books is Damon by C. Terry Cline, published in 1975.

I ended up finding the title via Stump the Book Seller. There was a $2 fee involved, but well worth it, in my opinion.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions; if nothing else I got some interesting reading out of this.
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