Tiled PDF viewer?
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Is there a PDF reader that can display pages tiled across the screen, rather than only 2 across? I have a heavily-illustrated 1,000+ page document that I am browsing, and it would be much easier with a tiled view.
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Mac or PC? I use PDF Pen sometimes and it does the tiling quite well.
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I think Acrobat Pro can still do this.
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In my for-free Adobe reader (version 8), I can open up the thumbnail view so that it takes the entire screen (and have a bunch of tiled pages). Then, in the options for the thumbnails, I can enlarge or reduce the size of the thumbnails. Will that work?
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Dogmom is right, you can do this with Adobe Reader 8 or 9.

gDoc Fusion does a better job at this task though, if I remember correctly.
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