Need advice for a DIY iPad mount.
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Need advice for a DIY iPad mount. I would like be able to mount my iPad to my bed's headboard. Optimally the mount would be flexible enough to allow me to position my iPad directly over my head for when lying on back, and allow me to bring it down a bit for when laying on my side. Any suggestions for materials to use would be appreciated (especially some sort of flexible material sturdy enough to handle the weight of the iPad)
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You know those lamps that you can vice grip to a table and they sort of resemble the human arm in terms of length and articulation ability? I'd say get one of those and then you just have to mount it to the lamp. Just a question of whether the joints would want to move under the weight of the iPad. Then you've also got a reading lamp when you're not using the iPad!
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Neither DIY nor cheap, but there are book holders that would do the job -- search for "hands-free book stand" (or holder) for some design inspiration.
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I wonder if this sort of extendable shaving mirror mount would work?
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Perhaps you could jury rig something with this.
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A clamp type monitor arm should work, you could use velcro to attach it to your iPad.

I use this monitor arm with my treadmill and am able to position it wherever I like.
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