Morning Crutches?
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Where can I buy crutches in NYC before 9am?

I need to buy crutches before leaving for a trip at 9am-- I'm leaving from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Is there any place near there that would sell me crutches around 8am? Alternatively, is there anywhere in Brooklyn? Thanks.
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Some pharmacies in NYC sell crutches. I've seen 'em. They probably open pretty early.
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Or, stick "medical supplies" or "surgical supplies" and your zip code into Google Maps. We found a bunch of places near Borough Park where my friend was ailing, including at least one that delivered.
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Best answer: There's a big Duane Reade right near Port Authority. The number is (212) 977-1562 and they're on the corner of 8th Ave. and 42nd St. They're open 24 hours - maybe call them now to see?
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Response by poster: Thanks, Mefites. I knew I could count on you.
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