How Do I Hire Photographers?
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How can I hire, sight-unseen, photographers in at least 12 countries? I have a photo-essay project I'm working on, and I need specific photos from a large number of countries. Semipro or "prosumer" photographers would suffice, I believe. Stock photo houses don't have what I need, and I'm completely at a loss as to how to proceed [MI].

I'm (obviously) happy to pay these people, but I also have no idea what's an acceptable going rate in all of my target countries, to say nothing of the various legal entanglements (regarding copyright, duplication rights, etc.). The photography would be slightly more complex than portraiture, and would be outdoors. I considered trying to find wedding photographers, but their rates seem astronomical, as I only need one photo per site. My comparatively low budget also complicates matters, as I can't afford the various agency stringers I've managed to stumble across.

Should I just give up? Spend the next few years travelling around to take the photos myself?
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If you need someone in the UK I can help
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Search for photoblogs in those countries and make your plea as you have here to the authors. Ask them if they can just charge the minimum photo fee intsead of the fee for a photo session. If you need something in my area, email is in the profile.
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There's gotta be a World Photo Forum or somthing that should be able to help...?
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I'll bet you could round up some folks on Flickr who would help.
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Fotolog is classified by country, and many people post work there outside the U.S. You could flip through collections from people by country and simply email them and ask for their participation.
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I'm a UK photographer, and may be interested in taking a photo cheaply... my portfolio is at
However, I'm a member of the community, which is full of many wonderful talented and helpful photographers, why don't you create a free account and post a question in the forums? I'm sure loads of people would help you out.
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Do you need artistic photos, or just competent ones?
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I second the idea of using Flickr to find good amateur photographers. Use Bloglines or some other RSS reader to subscribe to a flickr feed of photos containing the keyword "INSERT COUNTRYNAME HERE". You will very quickly get a host of a good photographers working there.

One tip: you might want to monitor city keywords as well. EG, some people will include "London" as a keyword but not "England."
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Creative Commons would be worth a look, too.
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Try the forums on
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1. Photoblogs listed by country.
2. TrekEarth - photos from around the world (also: TrekLens and TrekNature).
3. PBase Galleries by country.

And if you happen to need photos from the southeast USA, feel free to shoot me an email (website & email listed in my profile).
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Head to a couple of photo forums like this one or this one and ask nicely. Those two in particular have thousands of members from all around the globe. I'm sure you'll find some people willing to help.
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I'll bet you could round up some folks on Flickr who would help.

Yeah, the people over there are ever hungry for new projects. You could post for help in either the group FlickrCentral or in a group like Picture Requests whose mission reads:
"This group is for people to request pictures of partular photographic subjects (locations, objects and so on) that other Flickr users will try to fulfill with photos uploaded to the group pool."
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I've got plenty of rejects that I shot for stock and never sold from Thailand, Czech Republic, and some from Cambodia, Laos, etc. And a little bit from Yucatan, although quality of those isn't so great as I was shooting print and not the usual Ektachrome pro I usually use. Email me if you want me to send you a URL. Also you might want to investigate Lonely Planet's new stock service, I can hook you up with a photo editor there if you are interested - their prices are excellent and they pay great royalties if you are concerned with the artist's cut.
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I'm in British Columbia. Email and url are in my profile (click on the "I, the Beholder" link in my blog).
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Awesome. Thanks everyone!
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late to the party, but you might want to try:

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Vast photo collections available from myself and my partner, including the following countries:
UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and now, South Africa (limited in scope to Eastern Cape, so far). Relatively few shots from New Jersey , Washington, DC, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, Massachusettes.

Mainly outdoor photos. Some taken with 35mm film, more recently digital SLR. Some were taken with cheaper digital cameras. Buildings, landscapes, amusement parks, city streets make up the bulk of our collection.

Email in my profile, we're happy to provide any work you like for your project free of charge. A lot of our stuff is really top quality.
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I'd offer shots from Korea, but I'm complete crap with a camera. If you're desperate, maybe...
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I'm in China and will be glad to help.
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I'm based in Vienna, Austria, and would not mind travelling a some within Europe to photograph other countries you need.
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