I need a map of Mars!
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Where can I purchase large maps or art prints of Mars, tomorrow, in New York City?

I'm shooting a scene for a movie on Sunday and the character's office is supposed to be decked out with space paraphernalia, specifically stuff related to Mars (as in the planet). I'd order online but since it's short notice I'd rather go out and buy stuff the old fashioned way. Any thoughts on places to go in NYC?
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Best answer: Why don't you just go to an office retail shop like Staples or FedEx Kinkos and have them print you photos off Google Mars or similar?
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Gift Shop at the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the Museum of Natural History. They also have Mars globes, both full size (12") and smaller (in scale with traditional earth globes), plus all kinds of other mars goodies.
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Best answer: sorry...it's at the hayden planetarium (part of the rose hall), in the basement...go in through the side entrance (on the north side) not the main museum entrance...i think you can just go to the gift shop without having to pay admission. you might also try evolution down on spring street...they mostly deal in biological stuff (which might also be good), but they also have meteorites (which might be (far) out of your price range). there is (or was anyway, it's been a few years) another store in soho, closer to where the tower records was, sorta by itself on a side street, which was all science antiques...big stuff that would look good on film. you could also put an ad on craigslist offering to rent a telescope...those look good on camera, but the big ones are EX-pensive...
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also, for FREE stuff, you could try getting into the nasa educators resource center. it's in the library at city college (address in link), so you might need a school i.d. to get in...maybe try calling ahead...i went there a bunch of times when i was in school there and they have shelves and shelves and shelves of free posters and big (8.5x11) frameable postcards of the planets and spaceships and all kinds of other stuff...tons of nasa publications and etc...when i went there i told the librarian lady that i was a student and just wanted some posters and stuff, and she said 'fine, but just dont take too much stuff' which, it turns out meant 'just dont take huge stacks of stuff' as i ended up walking out of there with one of everything ;) she did not bat an eyelash...we chatted the whole time, she was very nice...got some really rad posters, including one that had all the planets and moons in the solar system (ah, here it is!...kind of a crappy scan...)
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If you want older, more obscure paraphernalia, there's Pageant Print Shop at 69 E 4th St. They sell all manner of neat prints. Here is there official website; it's a little empty but you can give them a call or email to see what Mars-related stuff they have in stock.
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You could also download free images from NASA's missions to Mars, and have them printed up at a local print shop.
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