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Can anyone help me ID a long dj mix which, using samples, details the history of cocaine?

Last summer I was visiting a friend up on one of the small islands off Vancouver Island. Late one night we were listening to the local co-op radio station and they were playing a series of tracks which seemed to be one long dj mix about cocaine.

I'm pretty sure it was pre-made and not mixed live as you could hear brief silences between tracks, like it was just an iTunes playlist cued up and playing over the radio (probably was). The music switched around through different electronic styles but was mostly psy-trance/breaks type stuff, with the occasional mainstream pop or rock track mixed in (eg. Eric Clapton's "Cocaine"). Throughout the whole thing there was a steady sample of a very clinical, detailed history of the drug; I'm guessing all of that was sampled from a documentary or drug-awareness video used in schools, something like that.

The whole thing was at least an hour, probably longer. Wish I could provide more details on it but that's all I remember, and when I eventually remembered to email the station I received no response. Sound like any thing you've heard? thnx
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It's probably not something they pulled from somewhere else and played -- I'd guess your best chance would be to find out who played it and ask them.

if you can remember what station and what day/time it was you might be able to identify what show you were listening to. Then -- contact the host! As a community radio host myself, i can tell you -- they LOVE to hear from listeners!

here's a list of radio stations that you'd be able to get in the gulf islands:
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