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Does anyone know where the Jörg Koopman photo on the cover of Fauna Flash's Confusion album was taken?

J.K. is credited, but I can't find anything more about that photo.
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Best answer: I emailed Jörg Koopman and he kindly replied:
"It is the bridge that connects the two areas of Oscar Niemeyers “Memorial da America Latina” site in São Paulo"
and included this clipping.

He also asked why I wanted to know, so I've sent him a link to your question.

Googling “Memorial da America Latina” turns up quite a few more images.
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Response by poster: Thanks Jörg and tellurian! No real reason; I just have a copy of the CD lying around and have often wondered.

It looks like a tropical climate, but I couldn't guess where. The colour saturation and architectural forms make for quite a striking image.

Thanks again!
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