iTunes won't download latest versions of podcasts!
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iTunes will not download the latest podcasts from my subscriptions. Even if I unsubscribe and delete all my podcasts and then subscribe again, it won't download the latest ones. This happens for multiple podcasts. I've uninstall/reinstalled iTunes and the same thing. If I go to the podcast directly in the iTunes store, I can click on the specific episode and download it but it won't update in iTunes even if I try to manually update. Any ideas? It's driving me crazy and Apple won't help. My settings haven't changed. I have it set to check every hour and download the most recent one and to only keep unplayed podcasts.
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Close iTunes, go into your music folder, rename iTunes to iTunesold. You should be starting from scratch now. Add your Podcasts and see if that helps.

Your starting a fresh library now, that was only a test to see if your library data is corrupted. If all else fails, just close iTunes, delete the new iTunes folder, rename iTunesold back to iTunes and everything should return to normal.
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Thanks for asking this question because I'm having the exact same issue. Just spent 2 frustrating hours last night on it and wanted you to know you aren't the only one! I'm going to try Glenno's suggestion when I get home tonight.
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One thing to check would be (if you're on a mac) to hold down the option key and then left click on the caret/arrow thing. Now, when the podcast list unfolds it'll display every single podcast on that feed.

Is the newest podcast episode in that list? If not, I'd suspect a proxy or something is giving you an out of date RSS feed for the podcast.
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(It probably works with the control or alt key on iTunes for windows)
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Response by poster: So I tried glenno's suggestion and the same thing. If I expand my list as Time Doctor suggested I do not see the latest podcast that shows up in the iTunes store. The out of date RSS feed makes sense but why does it keep happening if I unsubscribe and resubscribe from the store? Can it be something on the podcasters end? This is really annoying. Trix, any luck?
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Response by poster: OK now this is driving me nuts. I just unsubscribed from all my podcasts. I went to the website of a podcast I listen to and clicked on the RSS feed for the podcast: If you click on the link you will see that the latest episode is 243. So I go to iTunes>Advanced>Subscribe to Podcast and put in that URL. The podcast immediately begins downloading but the latest one showing is Episode 240! WTF! This is driving me crazy. I just opened a case with Apple but don't know how much that's going to do.

UPDATE: I think I've narrowed this down. It appears to only be happening with podcasts from the TWIT network. All podcasts I try to subscribe to from their network do not download anything newer than 3/22/10 unless I download a newer show manually.

Any ideas?
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Maybe try the iTunes alternative DoubleTwist.
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