Economic drudge report site?
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Does anyone know of a quick hit economic dashboard where I can get all the economic data in a snapshot?

Looking for a site that has all the leading economic indicators - stuff like the yield curve, interest rates, bond rates, CPI, PPI, employment rate, etc displayed on a single page in a easy, consumable manner.

There are a ton of quick hit news sites like that (e.g. the drudgereport) that just give you the headlines. Ideally, this site would just have the 'headlines' of the economy.
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If you want a lot of economic reports with tiny little Tufte-style sparklines charts, then try Also try Bloomberg's economic calendar or's economic calendar.
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Not quite "heads-up" but it's all at FRED. Maybe someone has scripted a multi-graph "presentation" browser for this data (Yahoo Pipes?)?
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In my hunting, I came across this nice little widget.
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