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I would like to find a new job, but I think my first step should be to brush up on my job search skills. What recommendations do you have for how to do that?

I loathe looking for work (which is why I've been with my current company for lo these many long, tedious years) and am not even sure I know how to write a resumé in the current style. And I know that in this economy and especially given that I'm in a tight field anyway (I'm an editor), I'm facing a challenge and had better both polish and sharpen my rusty job search tools.

I suppose what I'm looking for here is resources for learning how to finesse a job search: the best job search books to read, the best websites to visit, tried and true tips from your own experiences, and so on. Thanks in advance!
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What I liked best about What Color Is Your Parachute? is that it bases its advice on what actually gets people jobs, based on research on the effectiveness rate of various job-hunting methods.
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Ditto on What Color Is Your Parachute? When I was doing my job search, I started to feel pretty down since my skills were too general and nothing made sense for my situation. It had good advice me that gave me a positive outlook and a bit of confidence - that was huge to my eventual success!

Also, unless you're in the tech sector, I would definitely fork out for some professional help with your resume. (if you went to Uni, their career center could help for free/cheap; even long distance) It needs to be well-written. It won't get you a job, but a well-written resume could get you into contention.
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I am also in the process of finding a job and i love to read Ask a Manager. She tells about the hole process from a managers perspective (she is a NGO manager) and gives lots of tip about what she is looking for when she is hiring.
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