Looking for a "movie experience" tracker.
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I am looking for a website that will let me keep records of movie-going experiences. Things like what movie I saw, when I saw it, who I saw it with, what I thought about it, and any interesting circumstances around the viewing. The site also has to have RSS feeds of my entries.

I am a huge fangirl of Lifestreaming, or collecting all my various online personalities as much as possible into one central "stream" that I save and host on my own site. One of the things I did in 2009 was keep note of every movie I saw, but the website I used (Blippr) is really not suitable for what I want. I would like to add more personal context to my entries.

I would like to keep track of what movies I saw, when I saw it, how I liked it, and some additional notes like who I saw it with and if there was anything special about the occasion. I suppose I am looking for a "movie scrapbook" site with an RSS feed.

The site doesn't have to be about movies specifically. Thanks for any suggestions!
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To do this I use Wiki on a stick

Not elegant. But way customizable. Maybe sort of what you are looking for.
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You just want a blog, right? Write your notes in blog entries, and use tags for any special labeling you want (e.g. genre, numerical rating). If you don't want the whole internet to read it, you can make it private, or visible only to your friends.
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It seems like you're just looking for basic blogging software - try Tumblr, or even a wordpress blog.
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Seconding WordPress.
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My friends have a wordpress blog in which they are doing just this - movie reviews. Tags will let you sort by location, or genre, or actors, or however you want to keep stats.
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