Removing Graffiti from a Car
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Some punk spraypainted my car last night. Is there any product I can use to get the graffiti off without ruining the finish on my car? [MI]

I've seen some products like this and from browsing old forums, some people suggested using paint thinner. Does anyone have experience with using these products, or should I just shell out the cash and take it to a detailer? The car is a VW New Beetle if it makes any difference.
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If it's acrylic spraypaint, you could try GooGone Automotive Gel.
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My brother works in auto body... there's a rubbing compound I've seen him use that does remove spray paint. You may be able to call a local auto body shop and ask them what is it or even take a trip to your local automotive retail shop and ask their advice.

If I get a chance to talk to my brother, I'll ask him.

Additionally, I found this... You may need to check it out in the store and read the back of the product to make sure it totally suits your needs and situation.

And this thread may be of assistance too.
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This happened to one of our cars a few years ago...

If the car has been recently waxed, most solvents you'd want to use to remove the paint will not remove the particular type of wax used on cars. Another product to try would be buffing compounds.
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Thanks a lot, everyone. I've used GooGone/ Goof Off products in the past to remove bumper stickers...I'll test it out and see how it works!
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Also try kerosine. Kero won't damage your finish but it should get rid of the spray.
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Kerosene can damage your finish. If you try that, clean it off afterwards.
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I ended up using a 3M rubbing compound and removal was quick and easy. It costs about $11 a pint.
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