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I vacuumed up wet salt 10 days ago and now my vacuum is broken.

I spilled red wine 10 days ago - and I poured a large box of kosher salt on the spot to absorb the wine. I was kind of freaking out at the time and not thinking - so I vacuumed up the wet salt before it was dry.
The spot on my rug is gone. Good. The vacuum beater bar is broken. Bad.
I went to use it for the first time tonight and found the beater bar caked in dry salt. I managed to scrape most of it off but the tube to the dirt chamber is completely coated and I can't get the beater bar to turn. I have tried running water over it. It will suck some dirt now but it won't turn which makes vacuuming difficult and picking up lint etc impossible. Do you think it would have corroded that much in such a short time?
Any ideas for what I can do? It's a Hoover windtunnel if that helps.
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You should take it to a repair shop. It will cost about $50. - from a vacuum salesperson I know.
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Salt's really corrosive, and if salt or salt dust got into the motor, it could be toast. Call a vacuum repair shop, ask for advice. If they think it's worthwhile, fix it. Small repair shops usually have plenty of business, and would rather not try to fix equipment that isn't worth it, because you'll just be mad at them.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. What I ended up doing is taking it apart and rinsing the beater bar and it's chamber. The agitator belt was broken (hence why it wasn't turning) so I've ordered a new one for $7 from the Hoover website. Crossing my fingers that will work. And I will never vacuum wet salt again.
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