80s movie. Lingering memory.
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I can't remember this movie from the 80s. I can remember a few fleeting details. Stupid getting old.

So, I'm not really sure where to start. I remember that maybe it had a movie poster like this. I think it was drawn, and I think it had all the title characters standing in the middle of the frame, like in that picture. (To be clear, I am just using Vacation as a frame of reference. I know it's not that.)

I seem to think it had something to do with some teenagers and they go on an adventure of sorts.

The thing I really remember most clearly (which isn't saying a whole lot) is that at some point one of the kids - an older boy, maybe? - transforms into a snake-person or a reptile-person or something. A snake-person, I think. And I remember as a kid this really scared the hell out of me, and in fact I think this is the only reason I remember this movie at all.

I just seem to remember his face - he had these fangs and these red eyes or something. But I think that was only part of a much larger story.

This is on the tip of being on the tip of my tongue. It's like something half-remembered. I've been Googlin' for "80s movies" and "80s movie covers" thinking if I saw the box art I would recognize it, but no luck so far.

Maybe you've got a clue.
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Best answer: Dreamscape? I seem to remember some sort of snake thing in that film.
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Response by poster: Ding ding ding. Flat out awesome as usual.
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Yeah, the Snake Man was the signature FX in that movie.
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