What's to do in Scranton, PA?
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I am traveling to Scranton, PA in a couple of weeks. What is there to do there? I should say I am not a big party girl. More like local history, local restaurants, etc.
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There's the Lackawanna Coal Mine. And Steamtown National Historic Site.

The NE PA Visitor's Bureau may help as well.
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Do you like to ski? There are a few mountains nearby, including Elk and Montage.
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What's up with all the Scranton references today? Both The Long Kiss Goodnight and Kingpin were on TV earlier, and both of them have scenes in Scranton. Scranton everywhere!

I bring this up so that you can mention these movies to the townsfolk, and they will be so very impressed with your knowledge of their city that they'll give you many wonderful recommendations of things to do.
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Just so's you know, to those of us who travel up and down the east coast, the idea that there could be anything in Scranton other than I-81 is kind of ludicrous. My girlfriend and I actually laughed when we saw this question. But it's rather unfair to assume such things about a city based on whizzing by it at 65mph -- I look forward to finding out what, if anything, there is to do in *giggle* Scranton.
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I believe that one of the oldest Krispy Kremes north of the Mason-Dixon/Denny's-Waffle House line is in Scranton. Also, the Scranton Youth Center used to host a WWE event every year. The Crossings outlet mall isn't too far. See if the University of Scranton and Kings College have anything going on. The Penguins are a minor league hockey team that plays at the local arena.

Yeah, it's tough to suggest things, especially during the winter time (aside from the skiing). (ex-Wilkes Barre resident)
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Nearby Old Forge, PA is famous for a special variety of pizza found (as far as I know) only in northeast PA.
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I've been to Scranton. There's really nothing there. Philly is an hour away. You can start in Chinatown and get lost in the wonder of that town for, oh, the rest of your life.
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I used to eat with my mom at Victory Pig pizza near Wilkes-Barre, which is about a half hour outside of Scranton. There has been alot of construction in Wilkes-Barre over the last several years -- now there's an arena for sports events and concerts, and a whole bunch of new stores and restaurants built off of I-81. There are old coal mines to look at in the area, and Steamtown Mall (as Vidiot mantioned) has a train that goes right next to the mall which I think is open for visitors to ride.

Besides the coal mines and the massive number of funeral homes (my elementary school history teacher informed me that Wilkes-Barre has the highest ratio of funeral homes per capita than anywhere else in the United States, and I believe him), the pickings are a little slim, but this is coming from someone who hasn't lived there in a while.

The nearby Pocono Mountains have all those honeymoon lodges with heart shaped hot tubs. In case you get bored. :)
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There are 30,000 pounds of bananas in Scranton.
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The Lackawana Coal Mine (and I second Vidiot's suggestion to visit there) is directly across from the PA Anthracite Heritage Museum. The Museum is charming, and was very well done. The mine tour is fascinating in a "I thought I knew how bad this was, and I was way underestimating" kind of way.

We also liked the City Hall. Don't know if you can go inside.
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