Maple sausage/ground beef burger recipe?
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Does anybody know a good maple sausage/ground beef burger recipe?

I had one of the most awesome burgers at a friend of a friend's house a few months ago. Trying to recreate it. All I recall is that he got some maple sausages, took the meat out of the casings and mixed it with ground beef (not sure what kind).

Anybody know any good recipes? I've been searching online with no luck.
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Not sure about that particular type of patty, but here are some general burger tips:
Make sure you've got a good fat content. You generally want about 20% fat content. That usually means ground chuck, depending on how much fat there is in those sausages. If they're already pretty fatty, you can go down to ground sirloin. Brisket is probably the leanest, if you feel like your fat quotient is already good.
Season your meat! That means salt and pepper. Even with a sweeter preparation, you want salt.
Don't over-work your patty. Form it loosely, and leave it be. Otherwise, you end up with a hockey puck. If you want, you can put a divot in the top of the patty, to keep it from curling up when you cook it. Think golf ball size.
Good luck!
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Should be illegal, how well maple goes with meat. :)
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Best answer: Store bought sausage is usually ~25% fat, sirloin is about 15%, so the two will conspire to make a pretty decent burger. With careful cooking, I don't find the fat content all that important to begin with anyway.

I have no specific recipes, but you could also try to roll your own. You can't go wrong, really.

Food processor the following: bacon or ground pork, maple syrup (say, 1-3T per pound of pork...enough to smell good), herbs that smell nice (sage can't hurt), plenty of fresh black pepper (hard to use too much, really), salt (more or less depending on whether it's salty-to-begin-with bacon or ground pork) and whatever else sounds fun (dried cherries, ground nuts, etc). I'd make the burger about 2/3 beef and 1/3 this sausage mixture. Make a very small test burger to taste, and go from there. Experiment! As long as it's sweet and salty it'll be frickin' awesome.

Definitely track down some maple chunks to toss on the grill for some smoke, too.
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