What to do with this yard sale find?
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I recently picked up two old stainless steel milk kettles (about 4 or 5 gallons each) and a 5 gallon pyrex glass jug. I don't know why I bought them since I don't know what I want to do with them, but for less than $10 for the lot, I couldn't pass them up. Any ideas?

Besides just using them as decoration or as flower pots, what else can I do with them? As a homebrewer / winemaker, I know that I can use the pyrex as a carboy, but I already have more than enough carboys...
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Maybe it's time to move up from homebrewing to home distilling (for the purpose of making fuel for your farm equipment, of course.) Those are about the right size for a small pot still.
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For the glass jug, you could make your own little biosphere. Some of those last quite a long time. The folks at Makezine have one which is three years old.

Or you could take the four gallon milk kettle and the five gallon glass jug and try to figure out how to fill up one of them with exactly three gallons of water.
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As a homebrewer, then, you should also know that a lot of other homebrewers will pay good money for that glass carboy. You can't get them anymore. Profit?
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You can't get them anymore

Yes you can.

If you're not inclined to use them yourself for anything, I'd try selling them to an antique dealer. You'll probably get more than $10 for each milk jug, depending on how common they are in your area.

But the home distillation sounds fun and interesting. I bet you could also cut one down into a kettle for homebrewing.
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They make great "spare change" jars. Toss your pocket change into it at the end of the day and when it fills up, take it to Coinstar!
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when it fills up, take it to Coinstar!

Of course, that assumes that you are either Superman or the Incredible Hulk.
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You should send the carboy to me. I'll mail you a couple six-packs in return. Seriously.
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i assume by milk kettles you mean something like this? i've seen them used for umbrella stands before. paint it & sit it just inside the foyer/door. if your porch is big enough, you could actually paint it with an exterior paint & leave it on the porch for the same purpose.
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Response by poster: Some really good ideas. So far, I like ecurtz idea of a still the best, but then I run the risk of nosy neighbors (and they are very nosy)! I have a friend who has been talking about making a still. I might give one to him.

-box- This thing is heavy! Much heavier than a carboy...Sending it would cost too much so I might look into adipocere's idea of a biosphere since that would be fun to do with the nephews.

The coin idea would be good, but I picked up an old church donation bin at a yard sale and that's where all the change goes. (Never put your hands in a donation bin since razor sharp teeth protect the coins.)
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toddst: I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I could pay your shipping costs.
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umbrella catch near the front door of the kettle mouth is big enough.
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Pickling jug?
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