Software for Unicode entry via keyboard shortcuts?
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Are there any free windows programs for entering Unicode characters via customizable keyboard shortcuts?

I'd like to be able to type Unicode characters in any program via keyboard shortcuts (e.g., "Ctrl+\ T h e t a" or something similar). Ideally, I'd like to be able to customize those keyboard shortcuts as much as possible, but failing that, if it defaults to LaTeX shorthand, I'd be okay with that. Free is best, but I'd be willing to consider cheap as well.

My attempts to find such software on my own have failed miserably, and it strikes me as truly bizarre that such a piece of software wouldn't already exist.

Quick Key doesn't seem to have an ability to use keyboard shortcuts that I'm aware of.

AllChars seems to be doing most of what I want it to, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work for me (Windows XP). I installed it, but no matter how much I futz with the settings, it doesn't seem to capture any keyboard strokes. Also, I don't know if it works for all Unicode characters or just for high ASCII. I guess if you can figure out what my problem is with AllChars, that would also help me out. It doesn't seem to have been updated in years.
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Best answer: Looks possible in autohotkey.
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AutoHotkey should do the trick, indeed. I use a script called Portable Keyboard Layout which works pretty well for this sort of thing. You need to edit a couple .ini files to create a custom layout, but it's all reasonably easy.
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